Your handset says a lot about your dating habits – a lot!

With the amount of dating sites that now support an application-based version of their service, you may have guessed it wouldn’t be long before one of the big boys in the dating industry looked at how different members use their service on their mobile devices.

If you are familiar with the dating site industry at all, you may also have surmised that it would be who conducted that survey. Which brings up another interesting point about the highest-ranking dating sites, which we may get the chance to look at over the weekend, depending on what comes out of Miami between now and tomorrow. Anyway, so they did, using Canada as the soundboard for this particular little market research exercise.

Using Zoomerang to conduct the poll to avoid any bias towards the results, the mainstream dating site sampled over 1,000 smartphone users, not necessarily to see how they were using the service, but to try to gauge the dating profiles of users. In order to see if the type of device the singles used indicated any pattern in dating, there were some very tailored questions which did highlight peaks and troughs in enough detail to publish the following results.

Whichever type of handset was your first date‘s preference, you would have to count yourself unlucky if you ended the night without getting a piece of the action, it seems. Android users topped the ‘sex on a first date’ category, with 62% admitted to going all the way first time around, followed closely by 57% of iPhone users who polled a similarly equally lax attitude. However, less than half of Blackberry users went for it straight out of the traps with only 48% saying they’d scored on a first date.

Blackberry users continued to be the most reserved when it came to online dating, with exactly half of them saying they were active dating site users. Again, Android users topped the section with an amazing 72% of users admitting they were regular users of this type of facility and iPhoners were again middle of the road with 58% availing themselves of dating site platforms.

iPhone users and those on the BBM network did top some the aspects of dating; find out what you should be looking out for in a handset when you’re at the next house- or office-party; all revealed in “Your handset says a lot about your dating habits – too much!“, up next.

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