US dating site survey reveals partners politics matters

Today we are looking into the results from the latest survey from This one, of 5,000 of its dating membership, throws some interesting light on how politics affects the chances of US singles getting any action and some surprising insights into men’s feelings on subjects that are traditionally the domain of the female of the species.

The first of our articles gets right to the core of why singles in the US and the UK differ so much when it comes to dating. In the UK, we leave politics to the graduates and the unionists (those left, any way); in the US, it seems that everyone believes in their right to be heard, whether it be a single voice on a dating site or as part of a larger crowd on the steps of Congress.

All men are equal, except some are more equal than others

Staying faithful is seen as an absolute must for whoever is in residence at The White House, even more so than in a relationship with the average man or woman on the street. Of those surveyed, there were definite signs that fidelity is still a desired aspect of any relationship, with 62% of the male respondents saying it is imperative, whereas females registered much stronger opinions on the matter, with 8 out of 10 of them considering ‘forsaking all others’ as the foundation to a successful partnership.

However, it seems that all men are not created equally after all in the eyes of these particular US voters. Feelings ran a lot higher when it came to their country’s leadership with 87% of men stating that there was no justification for politicians at any level to stray outside the marital home with 91% of women seconding that emotion.

The politics of dating didn’t end there, with clear differences between the levels of bedroom activity for those following different political pathways, even within individual parties. Conservative Republicans proved that the sex doesn’t have to end when the honeymoon does, with 4 out of 10 reportedly ‘very satisfied’ with their married sex lives, the highest vote in that category. However, given the fact that they were the political group that had notched up the fewest knee-tremblers in the last year, you would have to say that some people are most certainly easily pleased. ‘Once a week on a Saturday night’ crowd do we think?

The singles of each of the main parties also are looking for very different things in their perfect partners. Liberal Democrats are actively seeking people who are very much on their own level – in sense of humour, an independent lifestyle and of equal social standing. On the other hand, Republicans are straight down the line – their partners must be of the ‘same background’ and same political allegiance, with marriage being the focus of their dating attention.

I wonder how many singles in the UK can even name all three main party leaders…? What do you mean, “You thought there were only two?” Saying nothing. x

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