Stop trudging the treadmill of dating and go work it out

Happy February, everyone! Now that the first month of the year’s well and truly embedded and out of the way, how is 2012 going for you? Keeping up with all those resolutions you made at the end of 2011 – getting fitter and sorting your love life out? No, thought not.

Well, if trying to hold down both commitments is biting off more than you can chew, have you thought about combining them? Okay, the atmosphere’s a bit more hyped up at the gym than when you’re sitting at home with your pyjamas on browsing through the new dating site profiles, but this is like the real thing. You know, actually getting out there and meeting folk in a real environment – more like gym-jams, than PJ’s, eh?

Okay, it’s not for everyone, but if you do decide to give your dating site a miss for a while, here’s a quick rundown of things to keep you on track at your local sweatshop.

The treadmill, where most gym newbies are guided to in their introductory appraisal at the start of a new fitness regime, is, not to put too fine a point on it, boring as hell. Just trudging along, thirty-seven minutes and you finally see some activity on the LCD monitor as it flashes up under the calories lost marker: 002. Okay, that’s an exagerration, but because it is so laborious an exercise, most ‘athletes’ invest in a walkman set of earphones for their iPhone 4S to ease the tedium. Great to help pass the time – an absolute killer if you’re using your gym as a temporary alternative to your active dating platform.

Imagine, if your dating site profile had a great big palm facing outwards from it, saying: “Do not approach! Metallica playing!” How many people would wink you, then, eh?  Well that’s the message you’re sending out to any prospective partners by plugging both ears into your iPod.

And there’s an even more rock-solid reason why wearing earphones on a treadmill is a really bad idea if you’re into your corny, nostalgic disco and you do not want to put off finding a real life date at your gym coming up in the next article []

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