Dating sugar daddies sure beats flippin’ sloppy joes

Sugar dating is, whether Florida likes the statistic or not, helping to fund many young female graduates progression through their in-state university system. According to one recent report, college students account for 4 out of 10 ‘sugar babies‘ new sign-ups on one of the most publicised sugar daddy dating sites, The adult dating site now claims over 1,000,000 members and its CEO, Brandon Wade, likes very much to keep the odds stacked in favour of the daddies. That’s where the money is, he never wants to let them down, so he always ensures the books never run out of fresh babies for the daddies to lavish their money on. That’s a lot of college girls leaning on wealthy, older men to see them through school.

Although the dating site has had allegations that it is nothing more than a front for legalised prostitution, the relationships are not all about sex. The onus is very much put on both sides of the partnership to express what they want from the relationship – if the two halves of the one requirement match, then you’re in business. No pimps, no cajoling – everything is up front and in the open (within the dating site confines). If it’s not working out, you simply call the relationship a day, learn from any mistakes and build on that for another scoot around the sugar block.

If that all sounds a little too formal – more like a business contract than any real kinship to a loving relationship – then that’s because it is. This type of dating site is not about any pretence towards love or marriage or any of the other yardsticks you tend to measure the mainstream dating sites by. Indeed, many of the sugar daddies are married men, so any thoughts about falling in love and being happy ever after are blown out of the water from the off. Girls need money to get through college. Older, well-to-do business men spend a lot of time in Florida doing trade. Whilst they’re there, they like to have some familiarity around them to share in their wealth and success. But then the trip’s over, back to the wife, settle the dating site fees, end of transaction. Is it cold? Is it commercial? You betcha it is.

Brandon Wade is no mug. As online dating figures started to increase from this avenue, he didn’t bask in the wonder of it. He up-sold that market, branding the sign-ups from the universities as ‘college sugar babies‘ on his dating site, giving them their own .edu domain for their e-mails (using this filter to compile the data on the sign-up percentages) and publishing a list of the top 20 schools that were supplying him the 40% of new sign-ups in a league format on the dating website.

Florida’s universities feature three times in the list, contributing 219 sugar baby dating site sign-ups for 2011. Although you cannot search specifically by college, you can adapt filters to within a region – pretty important parameters if you’re only out of town on business two or three days a month.

By adopting a Miami-focused search on the dating site, with the additional ‘College Sugar Baby’ status, you can drill down to your catchment target area, leaving you with a clue that the girls you find are either at South, Central or International universities. Given some of the dating site profiles for the girls within those search parameters, it really is no wonder that none of the three universities cared to comment on this growing trend amongst its pupils.

Is sugar dating legal prostitution, older men manipulating younger women or vice versa? The only people I hear complaining are those not getting any of the action…

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