The quickest way to a man’s wallet is via his crotch

Continuing where we left off in our last dating post, looking into concerns for men’s safety on dating site platforms, we look at how easily many men give away their hearts for all of the wrong reasons, notwithstanding that the ‘woman’ may be anything other than a front for a whole manner of fraudulent behaviour beyond a ‘too good to be truedating profile.

As well as men who are trying their hand at online dating having to suss out the scammers, they also have to be aware of real women who are very aware of their own charms. The majority of women who use dating sites do so for all the right reasons – looking to find someone with whom they have passions in common, searching for the perfect partner online, trying to eek out a love life from the ashes of a past disaster. You name it, there are a thousand honourable routes to finding yourself all of a sudden hooked on online dating.

However, there are a minority who use dating sites purely for selfish reasons, some lawful ones, others criminal. They know that the right combination of body, looks and flattery will soon have most men eating out of their hands and, because men make so amiable targets for practise when there’s the sniff of a little romance in the air, they have become really quite good at pushing the right buttons in real life and even more successful in the ethereal dating land of cyberspace cupids.

Let’s face facts: the quickest way into a man’s wallet is via his crotch (sorry to sound so crude, but that’s the truth of it); not to suggest women try this at home but if a woman was to flash her assets (teeth and eyes, I mean – what were you thinking?) next to a single bloke at the bar of the local hostelry, you can see the reaction, it’s almost chemical. The same chain of events, wallet and crotch literally being joined at the hip, must happen a million times a day on dating sites the world over.

I’ve worked behind enough bars to know the signs, even been on friendly enough terms with a lot of women for them, on occasion, to confide in me that instead of cruising around their dating sites, they’re having a night out on the pull, spiced up with a bit of a wager across the party (of not necessarily all single females) betting on who can bag the most drinks bought for them over the course of the night.

And who is to say that there is not a similar clique going on offline between women, comparing notes as is their wont, only on this occasion measuring how much they have extracted from the men on the various dating sites that they haunt?

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