Can you stand to acid test your dating profile?

I’m honoured that so many of you feel my contribution worthy to your dating cause; and yes, as well as the many other dating site profile tips we’ve written, I’ll be only too glad to expand.

It seems that many of you out there in dating land are still not getting enough responses; let me clarify, responses that you think your personality and dating site profile deserve.

Okay, here’s a little test – and this is an acid test of you and your online dating buddies; for brut honesty and so that the answers aren’t subjected to bias of any kind, run this test on people you’ve only recently started to get to know. Think of it as: I’ve made my first impression; what’s your impression of my first impression? They’re more likely to go with their gut than someone who you’ve known for a while and started to build up a rapport or relationship with.

It is an acid test, remember, so be prepared for the fall out and choose your subjects wisely. You have to get down to the nitty gritty and ask them what they think of you. If you’re honest with yourself, you know what your shortcomings are so create the questions with an answer to that end in mind, but don’t be so deliberate as to outright ask the question you’re looking for the answer to.

For instance, you want to know what someone who you may be interested in dating thinks about your hair. First, make sure that the dating profile photo online is the one you want the opinion of and that the member’s got access to. Never hurts to double check the detail.

Instead of blurting out: “Do you like my hair?”, which for one is a direct question and someone could just give a yes or no to, which satisfies one query but opens up a whole string of unanswered questions, but it is also obvious that you’re fishing for a yes answer.

You’re better to construct the question something along the lines of: “What colour tint do you think would look good with my hairstyle?” or “I’m not so sure whether my hair looks better straight or with a wave; what do you think?” It not only encourages more than a one-syllable answer, but also for them to justify their response. And you can do this with so many personality traits, as well as the physical aspects of your make up, that pretty soon you’ll be tweaking your dating site profile to the best effect – but only ever to the extent that you’re happy with.  If they say: “Shave it off!” and you’ve been growing it for two years, perhaps that person doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

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