Call in the SWOT team for a dating site makeover

I knew if I paid attention long enough at business school, some of it would come in handy, one day. Today, we’re going to talk about SWOT. Not the US strong arm of the police force, but a self-assessment you can do so you have some idea of how you’re perceived by your dating site buddies and what you can do to raise your dating site profile.

SWOT, in business terms, is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. If you know your strengths and the opportunities for growth you can play the dating site to those tunes. If you’re aware of areas that need attention, your weaknesses and threats, you can bolster and barricade against them, with the aim of turning them into the two positive factors. So, in a dating site sense, here’s your SWOT makeover.

Strengths. It’s great to have them, but you have to get the balance just right. If you possess a great set of pearly whites, capped off with a cute little dimple, that will make for a winning smile. Make sure your dating site profile image captures those elements in the best light. If you try to emphasise your terrific teeth too much, you may just come across as looking goofy. Always get a real close friend to take your dating site profile photo with a quality digital camera. They’ll tell you honestly when you’ve got the look just so.

Weaknesses. Everyone has a fallibility, no matter who they are. What you need to take care not to do is emphasise them in your profile. Your particular fondness of cats, for example, to you may be natural but it has become synonymous with the bachelorette. If you’re trying to attract someone for a long-term relationship, sure, mention your cat’s name if you must, but keep in mind what your dating profile’s there for and introduce the degree of your passion when the relationship can support it.

Opportunities. Right now, you may be an underling in the office, but you know you’re working on a vocational qualification or day-release course that pretty soon is going to usurp your current role. Don’t dumb down your existing role, but big up what it is you’re aiming to be at work and start to think like person. It may just attract someone who you thought out of your league. A word of warning: don’t get carried away – you’ve got to get that qualification first!

Threats. Competition on dating sites can be immense, even though there are so many millions of users. Do not be drawn into bitchy games with someone else on your dating site who’s gunning for your man/woman. Play it cool, be yourself and apply dignity to every response you make. If the person you’ve got in your sights has anything about them, they’ll recognise your integrity. If they don’t, then it’s their loss, not yours.

The key to the whole SWOT table is identifying the negative aspects and turning them into positives. The more adept you get at that, not only will you be a more sought after target on your dating site, but you’ll be a more rounded person for it.

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