Blow the dust off your dating site profile

Is your dating site profile still giving you grief? Do you want to sell yourself more but not sure when you’re overstepping the mark? Well, here’s a quick overview of several aspects that, even though you may have been online dating for a while, never hurt to run a fine-toothed comb through to eradicate any nits. What a shocking image to portray for a dating site

Okay – first and foremost, how recent is your photograph and when was the last time you changed it? You may have paid for the upgrade to your dating site membership, but there are possibly others who are solely checking out profiles based on the one image that the dating site has granted them access to before they decide to take the plunge, themselves. Brains are quite acute when it comes to recognising images they’ve seen before. Your Mr. Right could be right now browsing the profile photos and skimming over yours if he’s seen it once or twice previously.

Shake your gallery up a bit, even if it’s just to prove you’ve got more than one good side to those with whom you’ve been corresponding for some time. A change of scenery or style of outfit will soon have dating site members with different interests taking a second look at you (if they weren’t before) and that new profile image now plays to their weakness.

Dating site trends change. What was en vogue last month can become de rigeur overnight. If you’ve seen a drop off in your popularity rate, take the time out to see what the ‘most viewed’ profiles (nearly every dating site‘s got a section like that) are saying about themselves. There may be a common theme that is likewise one of your attributes, but you’ve just not thought to include it in your profile.

Is there an element of your dating profile that’s mundane? I like chocolate, for example. If you like Rocky Road, then emphasise it – “I was having a Thornton’s slab of Rocky Road the other day and it made me droooolll” – okay, that’s perhaps not something you wanna put exactly in those words, but it was better than saying ‘it nearly gave me an orgasm’ – that’s seriously messed up! But you get the picture.

Okay – and the last one for today: does anything in your dating site profile seem far-fetched to the point that no one quite believes you’re on the level? Excelling at something shows pure talent, but to greet someone for the first time with: “I’ve got the highest IQ in the world” may well be true, but it may come across as boastful and even induce inferiority, enough put a prospective date off initiating contact. Mention that you have intellectual tendencies by all means, but keep the real heavy stuff in your armoury – you never know if you’re gonna need back-up when the competition hots up, later on.

Happy dating, y’all – let’s hope today’s three articles can entice a few more hopeful singles your way, leaving you spoilt for choice.

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