City slicker or city’s licquor? It’s time to start dating!

Finding that special someone to share the ups and downs of life with is one the driving forces behind why so many singles have joined dating sites in recent years. What, with work commitments, bills to pay and homes to run, that vision of finding your perfect partner online can be just a pipe-dream for some, but it needn’t be!

The afore-mentioned hectic calendar is, sadly, one of mundanity, with very little hope of fitting in a window for a social or love life that is totally independent of the office. Living the single life has many benefits but, paying the bills and good house keeping figure heavily on the ‘liabiities’ side of the balance sheet of inner-city single life. No partner to share the costs with, no significant other to half the burden of maintaining the home in a pristine condition and as for dating? No chance.

For many singles living and working in the city, Monday to Friday is a pattern of sleep, work, juggle a bit of food in, work some more, quick pint on the way home with your learned colleagues, crash in front of the box until you wake up at three am in a blue room where the sky box has gone into auto-standby and your 42″ HD is bathing you in oceans of LED light, throw the remains of a cold chow mien away and finally grab a couple of hours of poor quality sleep after you’ve wiped the drool from your chin. You subsequently look like crap when you turn up late for the office the next morning to rinse and repeat the whole process.

If you know deep down that having someone special to come home to is the element that’s missing from your life but, with commitments as they are, you haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of even finding that yellow-brick road, let alone planting the first firm footstep on it, you’re in the right place, here, at

You have two options: 1) sign up to a high-end dating site that will take care of it all for you, for a King’s ransom, or 2) instead of hitting the bar every night after work, take a moment out of your life to find that special someone on one of our tailored dating sites. For the sake of one round in a Birmingham bar, you could pay a monthly membership fee and get all of the exclusive features that a paid dating site membership has to offer: unlimited messages, one-on-one web-cam dates, unlimited photo-galleries and extra security to protect your online identity from fraudsters and scammers are just a few of the upgraded aspects that make paid dating membership services preferential to free online dating.

You never know, finding that special someone online may even kickstart other neglected features of your life, such as healthy exercise, a suitable diet to match your new fitness regime or even lose weight, if all those 6pm pints are starting to show above your belt-line! Good housekeeping starts from within and having someone to share in your little victories can spur you on to even greater heights! Happy dating!

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