You know you’re not doing your dating, but who is?

We have written to some extent about the value of paying for paid dating site services on for some time. The one role that we’ve not significantly considered is that played out by the actual relationship expert.

A recent report by one self-styled matchmaking guru claims to have been present at a session for such practitioners to find that they were the only one present who had any relevant experience in the field, let alone any sort of certification to exonerate the fact that they were qualified thus to perform what was asked of them.

If you are a straight male who is genuinely hard pressed for time, earning enough in a month to feed a small African village for twice as long, do you really want a gay graduate or ageing professor deciding who is your best prospect in the online dating community? What say do you get, as the venerable dating site member, in deciding who takes on your case, other than at the point of sign-up for whichever of the growing number of ‘high-end’ online dating facilities you opt for?

Money talks and those who feel empowered enough by their sizeable income to allow someone else to do their matchmaking for them would, you’d think, move in circles where they expect only the best service for their outlay.  From having a personal assistant who knows how to get the coffee just so (amongst their other duties, obviously) to only buying from clothes shops that get the fit ‘just so’, service is almost expected and only noticed when it’s sub-standard.  Is this message getting through to the top niche of the dating world, delivering a service second to none or are they leaving their clients hanging on because, let’s face it, their can only be so big a market for entrepreneurs willing to part with such commanding monthly fees?

If the recent report is true, those gathered at the recent council of relationship experts included those who done their dating training before the Internet was a force to be reckoned with, was littered with people who had a same-sex orientation and even those who took on the role of cupid only on a part-time basis to fund their passage through college.

In a deviation from our usual path, over the next two days, we will unearth the secrets behind who’s doing your matchmaking for you and once again pose the question: is anyone really suited to find your perfect partner other than you? Look forward to your company.

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