Communication – do we know how to do it any longer?

Communication is the key to almost everything we do, from the minute we wake up in the morning taking in the radio alarm until we say goodnight and curl up into bed – and pretty much everything in between. Without it, we would be starved of human contact and probably go ever-so slightly around the twist.

For many singles who go to work, clock on and clock off and interact with very few people either on the way, or indeed whilst they’re there, getting back home to log on to their dating site is nothing short of a relief. But does a lack of communication during the day lead to shortcomings in the ability to talk to others on a dating site platform?

Being able to interpret, digest and understand what you are being asked is not only essential to the way you respond, but can also be critical to the way an online relationship develops. To ensure you’re getting the best from your private messages and e-mails, here are a few definitions of the different aspects of online interaction that could possibly lead to your next prospective partner sending you a response or moving on to the next one of a million other possible dates on the site.

Are we talking about the same thing?

If something you are being asked on your dating site doesn’t quite make sense, be sure that you and your partner are on the same wavelength. You may be absolutely sure you’re communication is up to scratch, but not everyone may be as articulate or as conscious of what they are writing as you are. Before ‘flaming’ your online partner, be totally sure that they have said what they mean, and you the same.

Your feelings or events that have happened during the course of the day to either sully the mood or elate you can often affect emotions. If you are highly emotive before logging on to your dating site that can lead to complications further down the line. If your mood is overcast by a cloud of misery, that will translate into your text and float across cyberspace putting prospective partners at arms length. If you are, by contrast, overly excitable as you browse, you may come across as dippy or, worse, invite contact from people who you may regret opening up the line of communication to in the cold light of day.

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