Security checks now a must for Canada online dating

According to a recent report, one human resources firm has insisted that all new sign ups for the new dating sites to which it supplies staff must run criminal background checks on its membership before it will provide admin to help run their business.

Many dating sites who handle thousands of new memberships each week rely on outsourcing manpower to handle the processes involved. Every dating site has customer support issues that arise, handling complaints, payment and affiliate programs to administer. Someone has to deal with those issues and the entrepreneurs who deal with the advertising, marketing and branding of their sites are not the best at handling the mundane issues that arise of this nature, purely down to their make up.

But how does a dating site that has been up and running for a vested amount of time start the process of vetting its membership – possibly millions of singles, some active accounts, some not – without going to huge expense and time? Somebody will have to pay for all of those extra hours and that finance won’t be coming from the profits of the business, that’s for sure. More likely, any extra revenue envisaged will come from a direct increase in membership fees from existing registered users.

How will free dating sites raise this extra finance? There are certain proceeds from advertising, but that may not stretch to a widget designed to validate a member’s whiter than white criminal history upon sign up, especially if those doing the vetting are charging for the privilege.

What it may do is push members of paid dating sites, who do not want to pay increased fees, back into the world of free dating sites. This is bad news for the paid services who may see a sector of their membership leave, but good news for scammers. Why? Having to pay for a membership is usually enough to put off scammers; vetting them would keep out a greater volume.  Therefore, they spend a lot of time on free dating sites, taking easy pickings from those members who are not as experienced in dating online as those who have realised that paid services offer so much more.

The good news for the paid dating services is that having a security app this powerful may attract a whole new influx of members who have been put off from online dating in the past due to being subject to the possibility of being hijacked by a scam. The risk for dating sites
is will be whether the new market is bigger than the one being jeopardised by any rise in fees?

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