Be yourself to find a true match on your dating site

It’s fair to say that online dating has revolutionised the way singles look for love. No longer the perceived retreat of weirdos and men in thick glasses wearing long macs, dating sites offer a convenient way to search online for that significant other who has, up to this point, eluded you along the humdrum path of everyday life.

For many, especially those who work in big cities and ‘enjoy’ the pleasure of the rush hour commute or crammed trains that, although full of potential dates are, like you, not disposed to flirtation when you have the collar of a soggy mackintosh up your left nostril and a sharp-ended umbrella sticking – well, let’s not go there – the thought of getting ready to go out to meet someone during the week is the furthest complication from your mind. That’s where dating sites notch up a result every time. But how does the prospective dater set about finding the perfect dating site when there are so many to choose from?

It’s not such a bad idea to check out a few of the free dating sites to see what sort of information you need to gather about yourself before you start approaching more experienced members of the online dating community who may have been around the block a few times. The last thing that other members want is to be bombarded with messages that break every protocol and etiquette in the unwritten rules of online dating.  No, I’ve not got a copy – they’re unwritten; you just have to learn them as you go.  And, like local dialects, every dating site has a slightly different variation to the first edition!

In the long term, if you are looking for someone with whom you can build up a genuine off-screen relationship (it’a great chatting online, but remember the ultimate goal is to find a partner), it is worth signing up for a paid dating site. Not only do you have access to a whole range of upgraded features, which really let you filter through prospective partners, but paid services also give you access to members who are, like you, willing to put their money where their mouth is.

This will help you to drop those who are not exactly what you’re looking for in order to find a genuine match to get the best results for an off-screen relationship.

Once you have browsed the dating profiles and got down to two or three who you think will make your online dating experience worthwhile, do not try to be someone you’re not. In order to improve your chances of making any type of courtship blossom, you must attract another single who likes you for who you are, not what you think you should be!

To find your perfect match and start your online dating journey, check out our hand-picked dating sites to give you the best possible start.

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