How to create the perfect dating site profile 3

Thank you for getting back to us, as we almost draw the line under you and your perfect dating site profile. The first bit of advice today is going to seem a little contradictory to yesterday’s piece which stated that the words in a dating site profile are more important than a photo for wanting another single on your dating site to get in touch with you.

I stand by that statement, however, before someone takes the time out to read about what you have in common to perhaps form the basis of an offline relationship, you need a photograph that’s going to enrapture them in the first instance. Simple? It’s easier said than done, getting that just-so look.

By ‘just-so’, I don’t mean contrived. A professionally shot photograph I’m sure has its place – your dating site profile photo ain’t that place. If your pic is a bit too polished, it does somewhat give the impression of ‘too much maintenance’, and that, no matter what time and effort your future partner puts in, you’ll only ever be interested in how you look or feel, no one else.

In this world today where everything you buy has a digital camera of some description fitted into it somewhere, there is no excuse for not having a decent photo of yourself that you can upload. For the ladies, one with as little make-up as you would dare walk out of the house in is the ticket. Guys genuinely want to see the real you, not a Boots make-up assistant, plastered up in #7.

Gents, clean shaven, please. Even if you sport a beard or stubble, make sure it’s trimmed and not like you’ve just not shaven for three days. And smile, genuine, with the eyes as well as the teeth – knocks girls bandy, a winning smile and a bit of a dimple, so I’m reliably told. Classy black and white is always a good touch (any digital media device or laptop has this facility, quick and easy to do, too), especially if you’re wanting to stand out from the rest of the dating site crowd and draw the ladies to the rest of your exceptional profile.

So, yes – perhaps I did understate the purpose of a photograph yesterday, but if I’d not done, you’d have taken no notice of those notes and just gone off happy-snapping, which was not the point of the exercise. One last word about photos: if the online dating facility you are using allows you to upload a gallery (usually a feature with paid dating sites), do it, showing off as many of your good sides as your modesty – or the dating site – will allow, if you know what I mean?

Join me a little later on today when we talk about why honesty is always the best policy and how expressing yourself is as important to your dating site fan club as an indirect question is to a psychologist. Laters. x

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