How to create the perfect dating site profile

Writing your dating site profile should be a simple task. Hah! The first time you come to do it, if you’re serious about getting other singles to respond to your ad (and make no mistake, you are selling yourself and your virtues across your dating site platform), you may get just a tad flumoxed. No fear,‘s here with a veritable plethora of useful tips to help you create the perfect online dating presence.

Stand out from the (madding) crowd

To make an impression on the masses of seasoned pros who are gathering online in search of their perfect partner – or just a bit of flirtatious fun, no harm done – you have to craft a vision of you that will stop the dating site community dead in its tracks – it can be done!

There are several absolute key aspects to remember when writing a good résumè and what you can offer to prospective singles. Yes, it’s got to be about you, but what does “brand you” offer over and above the gift-wrapped extra special range of dating site membership or put you in a higher bracket than the smart price daters whose profiles lack the poise and finesse that you want yours to possess, if only you knew the recipe for dating site success. Well, here are the staple ingredients; add that splash of you to cook up something spectacular.

Be true to yourself

When you’re first browsing other singles on a new dating network, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of wanting to love everyone who entices you to click through their photo and read more about them. But it’s like: where do you start? That’s what we’ll look to uncover, the start, finish and bit in the middle to bring you the ultimate online dating experience.

A lot of the advice contained over the following articles will require the use of a notepad of the old fashioned kind, not the word processor you have on your laptop, you know – with a pencil – remember them? Once you’ve read through this, print it off (copy the text into Word, or similar, otherwise the pink background may use a lot of your ink!) and digest the information thus far, so that you’re building a cut out and keep reference to refer to forever and ever, Amen. So, before we move on to the next article, pop off and get your A4 pad and a pencil. See you back here on dating in a second, here

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