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Okay, dating sites: always keep in the forefront of your mind that it’s impossible to meet everyone who you quite fancy; for some of the dating sites with in excess of 7-figure membership, like this one, you couldn’t even PM them all in a lifetime.

So, write down what it is about someone that really floats your boat. Make notes of user names, even create a grid and score your potential partners in areas such as hobbies, smoking, dietary requirements, size of their feet, attitude, outlook on life and, most importantly, what do they want from their dating experience – if they’re looking for bit of adult fun only and you need commitment, move on; you’ll only be wasting both of yours time by initiating contact.

There are so many attributes that can make a difference to your online dating being a success or a failure and you need to be aware of them all. People who get the most out of online dating put the most effort in, it is that simple.

A picture paints a thousand words – pish – not on dating site profiles!

You’ll soon come to learn that, although it’s a profile photograph that initially grabs your attention – causing whiplash if you see another singleton who really does it for you, instantly – it’s the words beneath that will make you want to follow through and initiate contact.

Whether you start with a wink, a smile or, if you’ve upgraded to a paid dating service (recommended), e-mail or a private message, it’s the words that count, time and again. Honest, articulate and *spelt correctly*; anything less and it will come across as if you couldn’t care less. There’s no excuse for spelling things incorrectly; if you’ve got MS Word or similar word processing software, use the spellchecker on there before you send your intimate musings. It genuinely is the little details that make you more attractive than the competition.

Right – we’ll leave lesson one there. Grab that notepad and pencil (you’ll do some erasing, so stick to the lead – bet you thought you’d be needing a different sort of rubber, eh?!). Print off this piece – here’s a tip: sign up to the RSS at the bottom of the page and add it to your feeds; it’s a lot easier to print or share, especially if you’re adding it to your Google reader, and you’re guaranteed never to miss another article by Y. T. Then, write on your notepad what it is you want from online dating, what you expect from a partner and then make yourself a grid or tick-sheet, sticking to what you think is relavent to your search, to build up a profile of your perfect date; you’ll start to recognise quickly genuine candidates, as and when you come across them.

Stuck for ideas? If your sheet’s pretty blank, have a browse around some of the free UK dating sites to get an idea of what criteria other singles are writing about themselves or characteristics they’re judging others on. Then, in no particular order, you’ll be starting to fill in some of the blanks. ‘Til Saturday, then. x

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