Dating site expectations are often too high

We continue today’s thread looking back at an appraisal that Sarah Harris, CEO of, made of dating sites and their members seven years ago, when the online dating world had a very different, rather desolate and shady landscape opposed to the one we see today.

The figures have grown massively over the short period since the article was posted, but the percentages, for the next two topics at least, are surprisingly similar. So, on we go: advice from a dating site CEO about the errors many dating site members make and why blaming your dating platform is not the right thing to do.

dating site success

When Sarah wrote the article, the figures showed that only 5% of all new members end up as a success story as a result of meeting another single they’ve met via their dating platform.

Today, with one dating site claiming to be responsible for 5% of all US marriages not so long ago, you would think that has changed, but that depends on what you class as a successful experience on your dating site.

A recent survey highlighted the fact that marriage is not the be and all for many, many dating site users. In fact, those results rather indicated that singles will register with a dating site already knowing what they want from their time spent online dating. Marriage was indeed the yardstick members of one matchmaking site measured their success by, whereas another was simply a promise of commitment and the third was purely any type of regular relationship; these were all well known, branded sites who took part in the survey.

Apathetic daters a waste of space

Another of source of Sarah’s chagrin was the amount of users who just could not be bothered to make the effort. In fact, she carries on to state that, the ten percent of dating site members who do get ‘smiles’ or ‘winks’ aside, the other 90% who berate the service after sign up just “don’t deserve any success.”

And it’s true. Much as she likens those ‘success’ stories to real life figures, the same can be said of dating site members who just do not put the effort in to attract their target audience.

Successful online dating is all about personifying your dating site profile to portray an upbeat, honest you that people want to contact and be with.  Look at your profile, now, and ask yourself who’s to blame for not enough traffic responding to your profile.  Go on, now!

If you went to your local bar with your hair a bedraggled mess, without brushing your teeth, applying make up or deodorising, what chances would your stand of pulling? None, other than the drunk in the corner.

Dating site profiles are no different. They represent you – you may be the catch of the decade, but if your profile doesn’t say that, how on earth are the millions of other dating site members outside your little bubble going to know?

The gravity of success your time spent online dating will be comensurate to the time and effort you put in to crafting and maintaining your online profile.

We conclude today’s thread in the next article with an overview of dating sites in general and why going for a paid membership will always beat a free dating site on levels of service hands down, every time.

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