Dating sites from shy-guy to fly-guy

If you have never approached a woman through a lack of confidence, or just because you are generally introverted, what are you ever going to do about getting married?

Irrespective of who you are, the first date is a whole kettle of writhing snakes slithering away in your brain, belly, just about everywhere. But we all have to get through that initial liaison to truly put a stake in the heart of those dating nerves.

Extroverts usually pile in, get the experience under their belt before they’ve had their first shave and, due to the amount of shy people, or people who are more guarded about approaching the opposite sex, they have the playing field for themselves for years. Oh, yes…

The good news is for those who’ve stood on the sidelines wishing that they had the same level of bravado as being exhibitted by their peers is that women, once they get to serious dating age, have had a belly-full of finger-clicking, trophy-toting boyfriends and, like on that very first date, want to get the snakes out of the way for someone a whole lot more settled.

So, all you shy mothers, get on out there and dance (sorry, couldn’t resist)!

Dating sites were just made for the more retiring personality. If you stick your oar in and don’t get a peep (which is unlikely – there’s usually someone who says ‘Hi!’, especially if you post a pleasant dating site profile photo), but if you don’t, no harm done. Who’s ever going to know that you’re sitting there blushing because you’ve spoken up, for once, but your request has fell on deaf ears? Over a dating site forum, as long as you’re articulate and stick within the guidelines of the site, your voice will be as loud as everyone else’s.

In fact, if you utilise that stealth, that strength gained from standing back in the past, whilst the rest of your chosen online dating community rip each other to shreds and then time your well-rehearsed response to devastating effect, you will suddenly find you have a whole host of new admirers.

As your relationships grow, so will your confidence. Before you know it, you’ll be leading the conversations in the chat rooms, approaching other singles on the dating site and, well, when you get to that stage, you’ll need no more advice from me.

To get you on your way, we’ve chosen a whole host of top-class dating sites for you to begin that journey, shed that skin of shyness and leap, head first, into the world of online dating!

p.s. – if you do get rejections, and everyone does (even I had one or two) don’t let it bother you; they’re the ones losing out and will never know the opportunity they missed!

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