It’s never been easier to find a date

Recent reports are suggesting that, in today’s modern society, there are more singles (of dating age) in the world than couples in long-term relationships. And, with the abundance of dating sites cluttering up cyberspace, that fact seems in no way likely to change any time, soon.

In years gone by, there has been a stigma attached to being single, especially for the womenfolk of the world. Up until recently, you were almost a social leper if you let it slip that you’d been using a dating site to find your latest beau.

How times – and perceptions – have changed.

Not only are dating sites now an accepted way of meeting potential partners, they have become an expected way of hooking up with other singles – or those not so single, looking for extra-curricular activity – and are wholly accepted by one and all for the range of opportunities they present to anyone looking to find love online.

The whole arena of online dating that opens up inside your browser can, sometimes, be breathtaking – a plethora of choice to suit every whim. Many sites offer free online dating for those who want to gain a little experience before committing to parting with some of their hard earned cash – that’s wholly understandable; looking to find a long-term partner is a big commitment.

The mistake many singles make, however, is that other individuals who use free dating sites are perhaps not in it for the long-haul, and therefore the new user can be off-put by the initial experience. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for; the same is true in the world of online dating – don’t be dazzled by the stars when you’re only shooting for the moon!

Sometimes, you can look at a profile photo and think: ‘Why would someone like that need to use a dating site?’, if there image is nothing less than stunning you wonder.

If you’re looking for a long-term partner and someone like that, who you would generally consider ‘out of your league’, approaches you, begging you to befriend them or strike up contact, do beware – there can be a reason. Or three.

One – the person getting in contact is not who they say they are and are after your money, nothing else, using flattery, affection and building up trust to do it
Two – the person is only after a fling; in which case, you have a tough decision to make: stick to your guns and hold out for that long term partner, or go with it, have that elicit affair and enjoy the experience
Three – you have struck it lucky and the single of your dreams is there, the other side of your PC Screen on your dating site, and it’s time to say thank you, take your dating site profile down and get on with, well, everything else…

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