Is paying for your online date legal pimping?

Labelled as “the oldest trade in the world”, way before the wheel and the pyramids came along, was prostitution. It’s still prevalent in society today, as downtown, low-lit street corners are populated with ladies of the night offering themselves for cash, with a cut going to their pimp, who acts as their bodyguard when things get tough, for his slice of the pie.

And now, for those who have trouble attracting a date by the usual means (ie online dating, these days…), you can now pay to take someone out, if the price is right.

This is not a hidden dating site, trying to stay away from the limelight, oh no. Brandon Wade has made darned sure this adult-only dating site has received maximum publicity, parading it on TV in front of live audiences.

The show even had some of its dating membership in tow as they attempted to convince the public that everything was above board, legitimate, and these dating site boys and girls were available to be wined, dined, wooed and, let’s face it, rude by their prospective partner, if they could stump up the cash (on top of their monthly membership fee).

Brandon Wade – in over his head, off it, or got it well screwed on?

Whatever your opinion of Brandon Wade, he knows where the money is, and he courts publicity like the members of his dating sites do each other. The fact that he uses human traffic to fill his pot, well, that’s up to the individuals who sign up for his services.

As well as this dating site, which allows you to pay for an evening’s entertainment with a member of the opposite sex of your choice – yes, there are men on there who are successfully reaching their price tag and thus being whisked away for nights of adult dating and whatever that entails – he also runs another site where there are big bucks involved, for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies.

Honestly, you wouldn’t believe how many women flock to sign up to be a Sugar Baby! Anyway, he recently caused a stir when he claimed that Jim Carrey’s relationship with Russian student Anastasia Vitkina was akin to many on the Sugar Daddy site. The theory behind that comparison being that Jim’s quite a few year’s Anastasia’s senior and she flits across the globe to be with him, all at his expense.

So, back to the dating site where you pay for the privilege of someone’s hand for the evening: would you use this service, either pimping yourself out or paying for someone who took your fancy? And what would you expect at the end of the first date for your dollar?

You can see why some members of the dating site community see this as, at best, an escort service, at worst, an online brothel waiting to happen.

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