A night in on the pull

So many singles these days are turning to dating sites to find their one true love, rather than hanging out in wine bars and clubs to achieve the same. I can’t say I blame today’s dating hopefuls – so many bad decisions fuelled by Stella Artois and G ‘n’ T’s, it makes me shudder just thinking about it.

That certainly is one advantage online dating has over picking up a potential bedfellow in a bar. It’s the old joke: when you went to bed, your partner was stunning; when you woke up the next morning, you were stunned!

Yes, beer-goggles have a lot to answer for, whereas dating sites give you time and space to step back and reconsider your actions if you have had a few too many when your winking everyone who as a nice pair of eyes as you polish off your second bottle of Pinot Grigio

Thinking about it, of the gang of us that used to go clubbing together, not one of us is with someone we met whilst we were ‘out on the pull’.

And we didn’t have dating sites, then – it’s a wonder we’re not all single and childless. If I analyse our group, I’d have to say the majority of us (there are one or two who still play the field and have escaped the claws of marriage) met our long-term partners either through work, school (yep – we’ve got a couple of childhood sweethearts in our gang, still going strong – stronger than most, probably) or someone ‘fixed us up’.

You just don’t hear that turn of phrase, any more, do you? Ooh, the excitement when someone came rushing over, hardly able to contain themselves, blurting out with major indiscretion: “Sarabeth fancies you…do you want me to fix you up?” Ah, ’twas the deputy head’s daughter, too – that’d gotta hurt when I said yes…
…anyway, I think ‘hook up’ is probably today’s closest equivalent in dating site speak, to getting that special someone out on that first date.

Dating sites the world over welcome new members every day by their thousands; why not, instead of going through all of the hassle of getting ready on the off chance of picking someone up and getting through fifty quid as you traipse, in desperation, from bar to bar and end up getting a taxi home – on your own – treat yourself to a four pack or bottle of your favourite plonk and search safely through our hand-picked dating sites, knowing that whoever you decide to date online for the evening, you’re not going to find a moose in your bed the next morning, when you were expecting to find your dreamboat or princess!

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