Mobile dating app means she’s not the only one I know

Do you remember, ooh, pre-Google say, when you had a little black book full of names that you could rely on to get you out of a spot of bother if you had a get together but no date to go with? Failing that, you had to pull your finger out, get in a taxi to Picasso’s in Wolverhampton, flop your hair about to The Charlatans a bit and hope that was enough to score a partner for that family do you just knew you’d be chastised by your lovely, but dated and slightly senile, aunt for if you turned up without a girlfriend on your arm?

Well, Tim, Blunty and the gang are still going but my hair is less floppy, now – more ‘distinguished’, one could say – but if the only one I know is otherwise engaged, nowadays I can just tap the app and, even though those long, strawberry-blonde locks have gone, I retain that winning smile if I need to rustle up an off-the-cuff date. Especially with apps that let me know of any like-minded singles that may be in the vicinity.

If we thought that dating sites had revolutionised the way one hunts down a member of the opposite sex in an hour of need, we stand to be amazed by the progress that GPS-toting smartphones are making to those ends.

There are now more and more apps – downloadable for most types of devices – which can hook up to a satellite and see other members of these mobile dating sites who are literally minutes away from you.

I think anyone who has ever gone out for a night ‘out on the pull‘ has walked into a bar and, following a quick reccy, decided what a lost cause it was and subsequently been at a loss. Not only do these mobile apps let you know who’s about, but they also contain a snippet of dating site profile information about that potential partner who’s just waiting to be found.

With one tap of the app, you can entice them to come and meet you, have a drink of their choice waiting and, all of a sudden, that bar is no longer so desolate as when you first walked in. You can even make out to the other singles hanging out there that you’d arranged the date beforehand as you wait the short time for your mobile dating correspondee to enter the establishment.

With a smug grin, you can turn around and ask silently: who’s the saddo, now? Nowadays, that would probably be me, flopping about to ‘Then‘, minus the fringe, glitterball reflecting where it once swayed, oh so softly…

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