Guys – you need a hand when it comes to dating

Let’s face it, men need a helping hand when it comes to dating UK women. If it’s not a car key, bottle of beer or includes the word ‘football’, you may as well forget it, when it comes to expecting the average UK male to understand it.

According to the statistical experts out there, there are seven million registered UK dating site members. Roughly ten percent of the population, then, look online for love, either for a non-committal fling or a long-term partnership. Other statistics reckon that the split is about 60/40, in favour of men. That is an awful lot of men using dating sites that know zip about the opposite sex that they’re trying to attract.

So for the guys who are trying and the girls who are fed up of waiting, here’s a quick overview of what women expect from a man on their dating site, with a quick nudge to all the ladies out there about what makes the men tick, other than football, drinking, cars and football.

The difference between men and women, according to one of Europe’s biggest dating sites, incorporating many of our continent’s singles reaching out to find their perfect partner online, is that women are a lot less self conscious about being single. Yep, it’s true. So guys, those forceful or reverse psychology tactics just ain’t gonna cut the mustard when you’re pleading with your online date to make that move.

The only chance you’ve got – and this includes the ‘c’ word – according to the study, is by sincerely heading into the relationship offering a long term commitment (there it is), irrespective of whether marriage is the final outcome, or not.

And don’t worry if your not the prettiest, either. According to the same survey, women judge appearance a lot less than their male dating site counterparts! Only 4 out of 10 women attributed looks as a deciding factor when choosing to contact someone using online dating, whereas half of the men who took part regarded looks as crucial.

Other attributes that scored highly for women all point towards a man being open and honest. Our recent report into the Alpha male was bang on the money if the evidence of this survey is accurate.

Be honest with your woman, do not make up tall stories about yourself. You’ll only have your bubble burst when you start dating offline if you do.

To compliment honesty, women like their men to be open, with no secrets or skeletons in the cupboard that may come back to haunt you at a later date. These two factors, combined with your ability to communicate them in a way that makes them laugh, will certainly encourage your female target to be more responsive, even leading to a possible relationship offline, if you stick to the rules!

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