An ordinary dating site male’s ok, but an Alpha’s Beta

What type of man do you go for on your dating site? Strong and silent or cocky and arrogant? Stealthy and intelligent or fit and sporty?

No matter what type of dating site profile attracts you, it’s his alpha qualities that ultimately connect to your female subconscious and instigate the feelings that make you want to get in touch through your dating membership.

When someone drops the phrase ‘Alpha male’ into the conversation, everyone else’s thoughts quickly turn to images of the Neanderthal dragging Mrs Caveman by the hair behind him back to the cave, club slung back over the shoulder.

But is that what being the Alpha is all about, topping the food chain, dominating the opposite sex and knocking out the competition before they can articulate a word in defense?

What makes a man Alpha is knowing his limitations, learning how to accomplish those things within that scope to his maximum benefit and how to identify feasible targets within those parameters.

When a man identifies this playing field, it can stop him overshooting the mark, which would otherwise lead to him becoming disheartened; instead, he’s left to focus on playing at a level at which he knows will bring success. Once any guy acknowledges this, he can become Alpha.

So, girls, when choosing yo man on dating sites, don’t just go for the one with the chiseled jaw, floppy fringe and sparkling eyes and teeth until you’ve got to know him a little bit better.

You can tell by the first few questions whether or not a man is out of his depth; if, on the other hand, his responses seem natural, answered without too much deliberation and not attempting to blow your mind with exaggerated tales about themselves, you’ve more than likely hooked up with your typical Alpha male.

Not only that, with his own decisive mindset, he will know what he’s looking for; if you stretch the truth about your own experiences, he may consider you beyond his limitations and you could be missing out on a genuine opportunity to embrace love online.

The one word of warning for ladies who recognise that they have landed an Alpha male on their online dating site is, if you’re not serious, pull out right from the start. They ooze confidence as they stick to fields they know well – when they set their hearts on someone, that assertiveness wins through in the end, drawing people to them like a magnet without any need to be forceful, instead letting them fall into orbit, like the moon around the Earth.

So, if you don’t want the tides turning on you on your dating site, when your Alpha male tells you straight he wants you for his online partner, he’s not playing games and he very rarely loses.

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