Who’d be a relationship expert?

Now here’s a job that can either be a breeze or a right royal pain in the ‘arris: the relationship expert.

Don’t laugh – it’s a real job and you can even take a degree in it. What’s more, people on high-end dating sites are paying top dollar to use their service when they sign up to these exclusive dating sites. Talk about taking the hassle out of dating!

Relationship, or dating experts act like a human algorithm, talking to each and every client to assess their individual needs. This can be everything from arranging a bespoke program or, for the more experienced dater, just the best way to get the most successful experience from their facility.

I mean, we’re talking sizeable fees for the big city boys and girls who work hard, long hours and just don’t have the freedom to put the time and effort into their love lives in the same way that they do their high-profile jobs. So, yes, they can afford the personal touch that this type of all-in dating site offers, which is not cheap and pretty much out of the range of anyone who’s not got a couple of thousand dollars spare at the end of every month.

Entry level fees differ, to suit your needs

There are usually different entry levels; if, after the phone call from your dating expert, you think you’re savvy with the majority of the services they offer, then you go in at the low-cost end.

And this is where it gets testing for the relationship counsellor. If you’re absolutely clueless about dating, got a bit more money than (common) sense, these specialists will walk you through every step of the process.

And there is another very real reason that these dating sites make calls. Just because singles have money, does not mean they are automatically safe. In order to enhance their reputation, not only for delivering value for money but also for being secure, you, prior to being accepted by the high end dating sites, undergo a full vetting service. This could include both your criminal record and your credit history being investigated. I’m buggered, then.

But, if you’re paying that much cash up front, as an exclusive member you expect to be safe, both personally and financially. There’s no ‘Oh, I forgot my wallet’ excuses at these first dates.

In the follow up article, the step-by-step process of walking the newbie through the dating routine, high end style.

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