Newbie dating, high end stylee

Picking up from the last article, ‘Who’d be a relationship expert?‘, we look at just what that job entails for those who can afford to date high end, but don’t know how to…

Once you’ve spoken to your counsellor – and it is only after this point that your membership may be accepted, these high end dating sites retain the rite not to have you as a member – and you reach the common agreement that you are inept at dating, the counsellor will go away and work out a personal program for you. This is the high end we’re talking about, I mean 4-figure membership fees per month!

Usually, by the time the relationship expert comes back to you, based on the information you’ve submitted/they’ve gleaned, they will have searched through their database to find you a date. If you’re paying top whack for this online dating service, you are normally guaranteed one or two dates a month.

From there, you may not get sent straight on a date, oh no. It is becoming more of the trend that you have an ‘introduction’ before you actually hit the town with your new dating site beau. Here, you mutually agree whether you feel comfortable enough with your opposite number to go out with them on that all important first date.

The counsellor will then arrange everything, providing that the introduction has gone swimmingly. The services do differ from site to site but one would expect the date, time, place and transport to and from to be all included, even the menu may have been approved by your counsellor.

You will then take all the tips your relationship expert will have given you in the subsequent one to ones – and this is everything from the art of grooming to conversational tips and body language posture and attentiveness – and hope that you’ve learnt enough in that short space of time time to woo your loaded prince or princess.

Yep – it is like a fairy tale – just waiting for the wicked aunt to arrive on her broomstick, but your fairy god-mother’s already seen her off by flashing the greenbacks at her that you’ve shelled out for this exclusive dating service.

Now, bearing in mind the type of clientele that will have been in work for long enough to have built up enough spare or lived with mom so have had nothing better to spend their cash on, you can see, even with all that forethought and planning, that relationship expert job, although it may sound a breeze, is certainly not one for the meek and mild.

But, if you’ve got the dime but not the time, why not pay someone else to do all the chatting up and arranging for you?  For those not in that bracket, we have a fair few dating sites that don’t command a month’s wages, just to guarantee that one date.

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