Stay in control of your online relationships

Whatever dating site platform you choose and however you opt to use its facilities, always remember this one thing: you’re in charge of the relationship!

Most dating sites will ask for a certain amount of information from you when you sign up. If they are asking you for details about yourself you’d rather keep private, then don’t go with them – there are thousands more on the Internet from which you can choose, the best five, according to our specific algorithms, you can find on our home page,

There are, in essence, two types of dating site: those that let you search for your perfect match online and those that matchmake based on the data you input on their sign-up form, which is generally longer and more in depth and personal, for obvious reasons.

A lot of the top dating sites, usually those that require a paid membership to utilise their best features, recognise a new single’s rite to a certain amount of privacy; they will give you the choice of what information you want to share and that which you don’t.

As dating numbers continue to rise, the owners of long-established sites recognise that there is more and more competition every day. Many of the newer sites springing up combine the best features of social media with the basic software that runs the traditional dating site.

Not that the multi-domain, million-plus membership sites see the newer ones as competition – there are the odd one or two, such as Badoo that do take the world by storm but they are the exception that proves the rule, the rule being that it takes massive, concerted effort and time to build a reputation and customer base to put you in the premier league – but what keeps those at the top ahead of the game is moving with the competition and filtering their innovations into their own sites.

Again, there are exceptions. Some sites know what they’re out to achieve, have a golden rule an stick to it, no matter what. It is these businesses that are genuinely surprised by the newcomers but, with the added finance of being well established, are expert in launching advertising campaigns to retain and even grow the membership that they have set out to capture.

The upshot of knowing what each and every dating site you check out does is paramount to your online dating success. As reported in our article earlier today, every successful dating site is only judged by its membership as successful by what that actual member is looking for by joining it.

If it’s long term relationships you’re looking for, let that be your guide. Only respond to members who are looking for the same.

Should you just be looking for a fling or want to get to know people in a new town and have no consideration for marriage or anything like as committal, use a dating site that perhaps doesn’t profess to rate marriage as its primary function. Use that type of site for what you’re looking for and don’t be persuaded otherwise.

Social media and dating sites, or a combination of both, have become a very real part of singles every day lives. Just make sure that you’re fitting them into your life when you need to, not let them be running your life for you.

The golden rule – when it comes to finding your perfect partner, you do the choosing, no one else!

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