No luck dating online? Is your name the reason?

If you’re reading the success stories on your dating sites and wonder why that’s not you in the picture, check under the photo to see what the lucky couple’s names are.

The chances are – and these are very real results based on one of Europe’s top dating sites – that if your moniker’s Dennis or Kevin, Chantal or Celina, your e-mails are being overlooked in favour of the Marks, Alexanders and Charlottes of this world.

Even Biblical names were preferable to the unfanciable ones, which, according to the study, include Jacqueline and Justin also.

The study, conducted by researchers from Berlin’s Humboldt University, examined 200,000 dating site profiles on, created for its German audience.

On the continent, and this is typical of the majority of Europe, it’s all well and good having a perfect profile picture but the words weigh heavier than any image you care to post. Within those words, the name is very seriously considered as part of your dating site profile.

The evidence thrown up by the study is actually quite incontrovertible. If your name is Alexander, you have twice as much chance of your e-mail being opened than if your parents had had you Christened as Kevin. Absolutely true – 102% more correspondences were opened from Alexanders than Kevins – in a study of so many dating site members, that is hard to refute.

And there’s more, even more compelling conclusions drawn by the lead author of the study, Jacob Gebauer (bet he’s really a Kev or a Den). He has gone as far to say, in an interview with the Daily Mail, that singles on dating sites would prefer to remain just that single, than start up an online relationship with a Kevin or a Chantal. His words, not ours! I’m sort of feeling a bit guilty writing this as, seventeen years ago, I christened my daughter Chantelle – babe, I’m sorry!

This, however, is not the first time the Germans have singled out Kevins as having their name as a hindrance. 2,000 teachers in 2009, from the same country, adjudged anyone named Kevin as being unlikely to achieve academic success. One of those involved in the assessment even stated of the name that it “…is not a name, it’s a diagnosis.”

No wonder Roland Rat made sure he was the star of the show and not his gerbil sidekick who, for the purpose of this article, shall remain nameless.

Would you date a Kevin? See how many you can find as you go online dating.

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