Help! Which dating site?

When you’re new to the world of online dating, it can seem a daunting place. So many faces to see on so many differing types of dating site that you pass by some of the best ones, just because one member is showing his ass on a photo and you want nothing to do with sites like that, thank you very much!

Here are a few helpful guidelines that, whether you’re new to online dating or are a seasoned pro, are worth taking a look at, if only to refresh your memory if your existing one has gone a bit lame, or you’ve filtered out the types of sites you’re not interested in and are looking for more of those that you are.

If you’ve never played about with dating sites before and are not really sure what to expect, you’ll maybe want to try out all of the different sorts of free dating sites first, to assess the different facilities that you can expect from these types of social interaction sites.  Like everything, you get what you pay for – free is okay, but tends to be full of less serious daters; if you’re looking for long-term relationships and security, you’re best choosing the paid option, from the off.

But don’t run before you can walk – certain types of dating sites tend to stick with what they know, either because their methods are tried and tested or you are playing on a free dating site that’s been created from a simple template and has just the basic features to help you find your love online.

What you will find, as you trudge from page to page, is that many sites offer a free level of membership, which offers just enough interaction with the other dating site profiles or members to get you interested. Then, if you want to take the relationship further, it will cost you to ‘see’ whoever it is you’re looking to date offline.

Some dating sites will actually let you search for members, as well as letting their community search for you. You may or may not fall into a category as an ‘exact’ or ‘closest match‘ against searches aligned to the terms you enter in your profile.

Matchmaking sites tend to ask a little bit more about you and they run predetermined algorithms that hope to give you a computerised personality which will, hopefully, match with a like-minded single in your target group.

And not that there’s much of a difference these days but there are dating sites that are more akin to a social network than the serious dating alchemy used by the matchmaking sites.

If you’re new, it’s worth having a dabble at a few of the free ones. If you enter ‘dating site for’ into your google search box and you have the ‘suggested’ box ticked, there will be a ‘dating site for…’ every letter of the alphabet, I’ll wager. Whether you’re new to online dating or your existing site’s no longer doing it for you, shake it up a bit. Write down your interests and just go for it.

There has to be a dating site for everything, as there are even dating sites for writers
…so I’ve heard, of course.

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