Single parents rush to start dating in 2012

Like many dating sites, eagerly anticipates an influx of new member sign ups early in 2012.

Many dating sites have reported huge surges in people flocking to start the new year with a new relationship by looking for love online. Some have even drafted in extra staff to cope with the rise in demand for the online singles services that they offer.

We’ve taken the view of the mainstream and reported on why they think that singles in their thousands flood to their sites so soon after the festivities are out of the way, but why should single parents feel the need so urgently?

Penny Russell, a spokeswoman for the site, which offers a free trial, gold (paid) and featured (only with a gold membership) service has gone to some lengths to give us an explanation as to how they interpret the annual stampede.

Stay resolute: give up giving up

The first insight from Penny will be familiar to all of you singles out there who’ve had ear-bashings from your nearest and dearest this Christmas and New Year.

She believes that, when the resolutions are made at new year, many singles look to shift that monkey off their back, prove the naysayers wrong and actively seek to do something about being single. The hope that is ushered in with January 1st is perhaps the kick-start that many single parents need to ensure it’s not another year spent alone.

Be my Valentine, Mommy?

Looming around the corner, so soon after we’ve welcomed in the new year, but not quite settled into it, is Valentine’s Day.

Penny reckons that many singles face this date with “dread” – more than any other day – if they think they’re going to be the one left on the shelf without at least a card on the mantelpiece, other than the one Little Johnny has made for his mother at school. Again, the thought alone is better than any marketing campaign as single parents flock to join such niche dating sites, especially if the mainstream ones have not worked for them, with children in tow.

However, this by no means is meant to suggest that this type of dating site is a last resort; with 13 million member profiles on alone, how could it be?

With a limited matchmaking site facility, profile set up and default photo viewer, as well as being able to give out regular winks – careful! – the free entry level offers many of the facilities that online dating members are used to.

The gold, paid service lifts restrictions on the number of messages you can send and also exposes other members full galleries to you and allows unrestricted video-chat and text facilities so it’s the real deal, alright.

For single parents looking to be not so single by Feb 14th and beyond, tip these guys the wink and see if you can get a winker, back.

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