Is it time to take ’em down?

In the mini-series for newbies this week, we have taken you from filling out your profile to finding potential partners to almost giving you away at the altar in three simple articles.

If only, eh? There will come a time, though, when you have met your perfect partner and it’s time to say “bye bye!” to online dating. But how do you decide when that time is right and whose decision it is?

If you’ve met your partner on one of the thousands of global dating sites – by no means the ‘in-the-closet’ hobby as once deemed, rather, the en vogue way to meet partners, these days – you will know a fair amount about their dating past, perhaps even been privvy to and shared some of the reverie and dating site gossip attached to Internet forums and discussion groups of this ilk.

Make no mistake: you’ve undertaken to overlook what has gone in the past by starting dating regularly offline, but are you concerned that they’re still dipping back into the dating site to check their messages?

And if you’ve supposedly taken yours down but know full well that your new partner hasn’t (because yours is actually still live and you’re checking up on them), how do you approach your partner and suggest that it’s time to leave the chat-rooms to the singles in the dating community so that you can concentrate on your blossoming relationship?

Don’t beat about the bush

It may be a little early to talk about long-term commitment, but bringing the subject of the live dating site profile out into the open will certainly give you some idea of where your relationship is headed in the short term.

If your satisfied with the outcome and, perhaps having been around the block yourself before, are wary of jumping in both feet first, the simple act of mutually cancelling your dating sites accounts may be enough for you.

However, if you’re looking for more of a commitment, perhaps you are scared of being hurt and are not satisfied with your partner’s reaction to the suggestion and utterly refuses to take down their profile, perhaps you should think twice, too.

If you are positive that 100% commitment is what you’re looking for and the partner you’ve chosen to date offline won’t give it to you, then fight fire with fire, leave your dating site profile live and you may strike it lucky with a like-minded single who shares your passion for monogamy from the off.

At the end of the day, the decision to cancel or stick with your dating sites is your decision, and yours alone. Only take them down for the right person and never feel pressured into going further than you want to, unless you’re completely comfortable with the fact that you’re ready to drop everything for your new partner.

Happy hunting, everyone – remember, stay safe, have fun – there is a Mr or Mrs Right for everyone in the world of online dating!

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