facebook in bad books as marriages go to the wall

There is no denying the popularity of facebook; in the UK alone, 30,000,000 users log on at least once a month – that’s almost half of the entire population who are old enough to turn on a lap-top.

The problem, so divorce lawyers are finding, is that the social media facility is not only a way of meeting up with like-minded people but a way for ex-es to come sneaking out of the cupboard and make contact with married individuals who had (perhaps) been less than truthful about their dating past.

Of the 5,000 divorces that have been applied for citing ‘unreasonable behaviour’ as the prime cause, one third of embittered spouses have gone on to blame facebook for the instigation of that behaviour.

This represents an increase of 50%, according to Divorce-Online managing director Mark Keenan, over the previous two years.

One thing leads to another

Keenan goes on to comment on how easily facebook lends itself to the type of communication that can, genuinely, start out as a striking up of a relationship between ex-lovers.

However, as this innocent online flirtation turns to memories tinted with a rosie halcyon shade, the temptation is to have a stroll down memory lane ‘for old times’ sake’. It is the conversations leading up to this point that divorce lawyers are digging up and using in evidence in divorce applications.

Ex-es cross swords online

As well as facebook being used as a type of online dating facility for ex-es to communicate with each other to refresh old acquaintances, it seems that those parted couples who retain a bitterness from their separation from a past loved one are using the site to air their dirty washing in public.

Like everything else in the world of online dating, our cousins across the pond have started to label the different aspects of facebook, already. As well as there being a dating site purely dedicated to ‘facebook cheating’, the citizens over there are using facebook ‘bombs’ to spatter news of someone’s straying from the matrimonial path to all and sundry who care to delve into the detritus.

In a rather dramatic statement, one dating coach has stood up and said on record that facebook will be ‘the source of all future infidelity’.

Read into that statement what you will, especially with dating sites dedicated to married individuals looking for extra-curricular activity reporting record sign-ups already, so soon after Christmas.

If you do want to date an ex, do not do it on a site where your family, wife and children can all be caught in the crossfire when an unexpected bomb explodes, sending your marriage to the wall.

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