Cash-strapped couples going to the wall

The constraints on finances have placed ‘arguments over money’ at top of the list for reasons for divorce this year, according to one dating site., who ran a similar survey of 5,000 of its members the same time last year, are not so shocked that this cause has overtaken ‘communication’ as the main reason for couples looking to move on so soon after Christmas

According to Asda, their income tracker suggests that there is 8.4% less disposable income this year than there was last. This lack of ready cash, putting constraints on holidays, presents and quality time out is starting to tell with married couples everywhere.

Relationship expert underlines the need for disposable income

The online dating site, originally founded for singles who have been in relationships for some time and perhaps have got out of the habit of dating someone new, have their own expert in relationship matters.

Amélie Duval knows only too well that if there are cracks in any relationship, this type of pressure only blows these cracks wide open. One small argument over mis-spent cash can soon lead to all sorts of tensions being released, therefore potentially bringing a long-term relationship crashing down in an instant.

New Year, new start

Following such an incident, one half of the disheartened couple will suddenly take a look at their life and not like what they see. Drawing a line under it all, they turn to dating sites like this one, not necessarily to find someone new, but to relate their issues with like-minded people.

Obviously, as soon as lines of communication open, they realise that there is a world of people who have gone through exactly the same emotions. This is backed by the announcement that have welcomed more than 11,000 sign-ups since Christmas – double their usual sign-up rate.

The other reasons mentioned for couples breaking up this year were listed as cheating, lying, a noticeable lack of sex and love, becoming disheartened by addictions to drink and drugs and the fact that the person the new single had married had changed beyond all recognition.

Not only do those in charge of the economy have the business market to consider being ripped to shreds, the effects are now striking at the heart of the UK household. Let’s hope that things change, and soon.

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