No cold front this Christmas for Carrey

Whatever Jim Carrey does, he cannot seem to keep his love-life out of the media spotlight. Although his current beau is almost 30, the fact the she’s a Russian student who flits across the country to be with the Hollywood star (presumably at his expensive), puts ole Jim in the Sugar Daddy category, according to Brandon Wade, founder of one of the largest Sugar Daddy sites on the planet.

It would seem that it took a rock concert to officially alert the press to the relationship and grease the Axl to keep the media wheels a-turning. The pair were spotted hand-in-hand in LA at a Guns ‘n’ Roses gig to officially bring to an end in the world’s eyes Jim’s relationship with Jenny McCarthy as he takes up with Anastasia Vitkina.

Is it really a Sugar Daddy/Baby relationship?

The ‘official’ definition of a Sugar Daddy, according to Wade, who is also author of ‘The Definitive Guide to Sugar Daddy and Mutually Beneficial Relationships’ so some cynics may say has a vested interest in the relationship’s encumbent publicity, considers a Sugar Daddy to be a man of definitive wealth, somewhat older than his partner, to whom he is willing to concede some of his time (and wealth) in return for her affection, be it platonic or intimate.

Loosely speaking, if reports in the press are on the money, the two do fit the bill to be tagged thus.

Many Sugar Babies live a similar lifestyle

On Brandon’s dating site, which hosts more than a million members, many of the young girls who hook up with their older partners do travel extensively to be with them and their bank accounts.

The girls on the adult dating site, who outnumber the Sugar Dadies by 10-to-1, unbelievably, are rarely expected to fund any of the accomodation or travel expenses and often list their occupations as ‘students’.

Given this, you can see where the parallels are being drawn by the media with the relationship between Carrey and Vitkina and what has become socially recognised as the Sugar Daddy/Baby relationship.

Wade puts the success of his own dating site,, as much down to the economic crisis as anything else.

Jobs simply aren’t there that college-girls would normally take to tide them over; it is much more benfitial, and lucrative, to date an older man with wealth, who may not be expecting a long-term relationship, just a fleeting association, which suits the students to get them through college…

…we must have been going through a credit crisis when I went to University, too – I just thought the girls all had rich fathers when they were dropped off for a new term. Shows what I know.

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