Festive pressures increase adult dating sign-ups

The festive season can get fraught with tension as families are cooped up for longer-than-usual periods. Like it or not, one (or both) of the individuals in such couples turn to dating sites such as undercoverlovers.com for solace when things in the marital home get just too much.

This year, the owners of the strictly adult dating site, designed specifically to target married couples looking for excitement beyond their existing relationship, were ready.

In their first year in operation, 2010, undercoverlovers.com were overwhelmed by the influx of new members in the period immediately after Christmas. This year, the trend was no less emphatic with almost three times the amount of new members signing up than average.

So, why did almost 20,000 feel the need to look elsewhere for new relationships following the Christmas holiday? Relationship experts and lawyers give their opinion as to why this should be the case.

Pressure cooker situation needs space to let off steam

Dr. Maryse Vaillant, a relationship advisor to the dating site, points out the blinding obvious.

She reasons that, whilst one or both halves of a couple are at work usually, when the festive holidays break there can be two weeks of enforced togetherness that denies the relationship its ability to breathe which it would in normal circumstances.

If there are hidden cracks, this added pressure will get between them and burst them wide open.

The legal outlook

Voices from the legal sector tend to back up what the relationship expert and the dating site tell us.

The period directly following the festive break is the busiest for family lawyers who handle divorces. More applications for separations are filed at this time of year than any other.

Poll give tips to those who fear the worst

Following last year’s glut of new arrivals, the dating site surveyed 5,000 of their new members to try to ascertain exactly why they had joined.

The top five reasons are listed as:

1. the other half doesn’t appreciate them
2. the romance has gone, yet is sorely saught
3. bedroom antics have become stale and excitement is yearned
4. arguments with the spouse have caused them to look elsewhere
5. the Christmas stocking was almost bare

The message is simple when presented with so much evidence.

Make sure you find quality time alone with each other if you’re subjected to prolonged periods of togetherness, including putting the effort in in the bedroom.

And, when considering your spouse’s Christmas gift, take the time to consider the gift to nip any recourse in the bud before it happens.

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