Love is…an algorithm

With CNBC throwing caution to the wind during Valentine’s Week 2012 and looking behind the scenes of the extreme and multi-million dollar industry that is online dating, we continue with our preview of the documentary.

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love is…an algorithm

Behind the scenes of many of the larger concerns, teams of scientists and mathematicians look for the key to pairing couples using, not the language of love, but strings of equations, such as: if client a’s x aspect = 23, then client b’s y tolerance is correspondent, therefore z = cha-ching! – that sort of thing.

The program, aptly entitled: “LOVE AT FIRST BYTE: THE SECRET SCIENCE OF ONLINE DATING” will air for the first time at 9pm (ET) on the 9th Feb with repeats hourly for the remainder of the day on the hour.

During the recording, NBC News and Today Show Correspondent Amy Robach will interview the psychologists, mathematicians and IT experts who claim to be able to profile you to a pin-point by the information you have written in your dating profile and by the way you use their site. As well as investigating the details you have entered about yourself, the scientists believe there is key personality hidden in the snippets you don’t say and do that can also highlight aspects of your true persona.

Do we know our true selves?

This leads to another debate entirely:- do we, as individuals involved in a much larger online dating community, know what we’re really looking for each time we log on and try and connect with someone who we may think is right for us?

Many articles on our dating site suggest not and, if nothing else, personal psychometric profiling can give us an insight into ourselves, first up, in an attempt to then further understand who our ‘best match’ dating partners are and how we can compromise to bring our online liaison to long-term fruition.

CNBC, having had some of their staff join up to such matchmaking sites, have worked with the scientists in the making of the show to highlight reasons why some of the results were deadly accurate whilst others appear, at first site, to be way off the mark.

The documentary is a result of the rise and rise of online dating popularity, of that there is no doubt. It may blow the lid off the industry or pander to the mega-buck owners, we shall see when it is aired, but we hope the exposé does the investigation justice.

Whatever the case, if love is truly little more than an algorithm, I’m sitting here wishing I’d paid a little more attention in algebra than I did when I was at school all of those years ago…

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