No gay app yet for women who’d like to Grind

A few applications have tried to provide an equivalent for women to the gay man’s popular mobile dating app Grindr, but none have, as yet, had the meteoric success of the male-only same-sex dating application.

If you’re a gay man, you sign up to Grindr, or so the popular theory goes; the app that lets you know where other potential partners are Grinding in your vicinity, you can check out their dating profile and decide whether you fancy getting together to start dating or, as results would seem to suggest, a casual, intimate affair with no nterest in commitment, other than essential protection.

With almost three million men having downloaded the app across the globe, and a considerable percentage of those here in the UK, if you’re gay you’re almost expected to have the app – but bi and lesbian women are pondering why this type of service is just not working for them as well as the traditional online dating site seems to be.

Others lesbian sites have tried and fell by the wayside

It’s not for the want of trying – there have been a couple of dating applications that have started out as the female equivalent to Grindr.

Qrushr Girls, adopting a similar name, set out to rival the male dating phenomenon but the site, when you try to access it, has a redirect to an insurance site.

Blendr is another dating application that, setting out with the right causes in mind, i.e. targeting straight and lesbian singles, has become off-putting for the female sector it has been aiming to capture by hosting ‘too many penis pics’.

Is it the market for lesbian love that just isn’t there?

There are thousands of bi-sexual and lesbian women hitting the right search terms on the internet, but this hopeful seeking is futile when it comes to finding a reliable app.

In the UK, there are 160k men signed up to Grindr, yet the multitudes of women looking for same sex relations cannot be tempted to sign up for similar services.

What is the different ideology between the dating preferences?

There is a very simple explanation – so simple it not only says something about the state of same-sex dating but also the difference between the mindset of men and women when it comes to hooking up with a firm date.

Men are okay using their dating applications for the use of casual sex, hence these type of dating sites and applications have developed that type of reputation.

Many women prefer a genuine coupling, looking for a more substantial relationship. They, therefore, look to the more traditional dating site and are less likely to use an app to find someone for a one night stand in the local vicinity.

There is a market for lesbian Grindr-type applications but the perceived ideas many women hold of a relationship, even same-sex, indicates that there will never be as much demand as the male-only dating applications, although it is understood that there are hundreds of thousands of bi and lesbian women in the UK, let alone the world.

If there is someone out there with a bit of nounce, this could be an ideal opportunity to plug this hole in the lesbian dating market.

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