Less flack nowadays as cougar styles move in one direction

When Doctor Foster happened upon Gloucester in the middle of the nineteenth century, never to return again, it wasn’t perhaps the fact that he stepped in the piddle up to his middle that stopped him returning. More likely, if the women way back then were anything like the city’s present female population, it was the fact that he was being hunted by cougars that made him uneasy about going back.

This is what the results of a recent survey, show: Gloucester has more cougars than anywhere else in the country, with 7 out of 10 women actively considering dating younger men. Of those, 12 per cent are actively on the prowl, looking to get their claws stuck in to a strip of younger flesh for nothing more than a passing liaison.

Quite surprisingly, that figure is not excessively higher than the national average, with just over half of the women on singles network Badoo who took part in the online questionnaire conceding they had seriously considered picking up toyboys at one time or another.

The dating site polled 2,000 UK women to find out which city was the country’s cougar capital, with Gloucester having one in ten more women likely to pounce on a young buck than its closest rivals. Both cities completing the top three in the adult dating survey were north of the border, with Aberdeen registering 62% of its women looking for a highland fling with a younger man and Scotland’s second city, Glasgow, finishing in third, with 61% of its females pining for younger Gorbals looking to sow their oats.

As recently reported here on dating.org.uk, although fashionable, this type of relationship can soon get fraught. Demi Moore’s relationship with Ashton Kutcher, 16 years her junior, lasted a fleeting six years after they made it down the aisle. Madonna and Guy Ritchie promised so much, both at the pinnacle of their professions, but lasted such a short time.

Of course, the current flavour of the month is media presenter Caroline Flack, dating X-Factor wannabe Harry Styles from the group One Direction, made popular by money-magnate Simon Cowell’s show. At 32, Caroline is taking the cougar theme to the extreme by dating the 17-year old, who would still be at school, albeit sixth form, if it wasn’t for the ‘fame’ bestowed by the popular update of New Faces.

Will this one go the distance? I’d bet him a pint that it won’t, but he’s not yet old enough to buy it me when I win…

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