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In little over a month, on January 23rd, the week-long iDate Super Conference gets under way in Miami.  With a weekend choc-ful of presentations, meetings and promotional events for online dating  site owners and their affiliates from across the globe, this, the first of three conventions this year, promises to be some event.

If you’re considering geting involved in the business Mark Brooks’ three-hour booking to provide an “Introduction to the Online Dating Business” couldn’t be a better place to start.  As Chief Executive Officer to Courtland Brooks and publisher of Online Personals Watch, you’d be right in thinking he knows one or two things about this huge niche.

What the session looks to deliver is, not only how to get started but also, using his vast experience, he hopes to highlight some of the dangers and what it takes to run such a business and make it successful.  This will cover everything that the savvy entrepreneur should be looking out for, like identifying the latest industry trends, any shifts in the marketplace and also some of the best operating systems that provide the user with a smooth, trouble free experience but also lets the guys ‘under the hood’ decipher what the members are saying to direct your site in such a manner that keeps exisitng members and encourages more people to join.  Dating sites would, quite obviously, be nothing without the members.

The Miami Beach Convention Center will host the ninth annual Miami iDate Super Conference alondside the Social Networking Conference on the main weekend of the event, January 24th and 25th.  No doubt there will be some interaction between the two and a few special events are open to attendees of both conferences.

Especially as social networking is one of the jigsaw pieces that make up Mark Brooks’ online career, stretching almost back to the dawn of the internet as we know it today.  After starting out with other dating and contact sites in 1998, Mark has more recently focused his attentions on promoting online dating.

Since he took over in 2005 in this role, dating websites have binned their somewhat seedy reputation of yesteryear and now a recent report has shown that 10% of all internet users have at least toyed with filling in an online dating profile.  As it stands, that represents 200,000,000 people who have tried to find love on line, as it is extimated that there are now 2bn registered on the net – that’s a helluva responsibility.

Prior to his involvement with the online daing PR machine, Mark made his first post on OPW in June 2004 – the rest, they say, is history.  So, if you’re a start-up venture or experienced website owner who jusys to get the most from their membership, Miami looks a good bet at this time of the year.

The pre-registration date has been extended to 23rd December, for those of you interested in attending.

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