First date do’s and don’ts – for him

There are key differences between the sexes regarding what they want and expect from a date.  Yesterday, we looked at why there should be different dating rules for men and women once we take our love lives out of the virtual world of online dating and bring them offline.

Following on from that, today we look at just what those differences are, one post on dating tips for men, a second for the fairer sex.  So, here are some guidelines for guys, looking to impress, that first time out.

Put the girl at ease by dating close by to her office or home

Ease and comfort will allow for that first date to run smoothly, allowing your brand new partner to relax. Choose a venue that she can access easily. The added bonus being, if the date goes really well, the taxi fare back to hers will be a snip.

Make an effort!

Your date will have pushed the boat out, you can be sure of that. For those old enough: earhole and nasal hair – get rid. And remember, hair, teeth, wristwatch and shoes – all glistening clean, please!

Be a gentleman

Ignore the press; chivalry is alive, well and running a bookstore in Digbeth. Do open restaurant and taxi doors, remembering to let her through first (duh!), take her coat and seat her at the table, facing directly opposite; she is the focus of your night, even to the point of rising yourself when she nips to powder her nose. Those uncommon touches all score points.

No showboating – experts don’t have to show off their skills

Be forthright, but not conceited

If you’re an expert in a given subject, let her find out for herself, by the questions she asks. If you’re going to compliment anyone, make sure it’s your date, not yourself or another hottie who happens to be in the same establishment. Your date has put the work in to get ‘great hair’ or ensemble a ‘cracking outfit’ – make sure you let them know you appreciate it. And, yes, they may have great buns, but mentioning that at this stage will give totally the wrong impression. Or, if it is the right impression of you, it shouldn’t be.

Dating someone you’ve not met, either on your dating site or in real life

Just because it’s a blind date doesn’t give you the excuse to be tardy or ignore any of the above; punctuality counts for any date. If you feel there may be nerves, suggest you meet where Dutch courage flows like lactose and sugar in the land of milk and honey.

Pay, without fuss, and see your date home.

Whatever the circumstances of your date have been, and however well it’s gone, put your hand in your pocket for the bill and get the girl a cab home, if you’re not moving on elsewhere. Whether the date’s been a success or not, details of events are gonna be squeezed out of your date by her clique on the dating site if you’re not meeting again or by her friends at the office if you are. Either way, you don’t want to be labelled a no-good, useless, tight wad!

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