First date do’s and don’ts – for her

Nobody is ever sure of how a first date will play out, least of all the two parcipants. Your online dating buddies may be gunning for you, but they can’t take your place when it’s just the two of you.

We’ve looked into why there are differnet rules for the sexes when it comes to dating; we’ve told the men how to do it. Now, here’s what we reckon is good for the gander…

There’s Catwoman and Cat Slater
There are times when a woman knows how to get what she wants, understands what little flash will have him on his knees, with his credit card and pin number there for the taking. The first date is not that time, unless you want to spend the evening looking at a bald patch as he says little to you, but his words are echoing plenty down your cleveage. Just a hint of what lies beneath is usually enough to secure a second date, where you can really get to work on his psyche, if that’s your aim. If not, why not?

Be natural
Assuming that you’ve suitably shackled away anything that will have him talking through his manhood rather than his mouth, he will want to look at your face. Men do not like the thought of women spending hours shovelling on ‘crap’ that men don’t understand just so that the woman can look like someone they’re not. More is less – enough to hide any minor blemishes and accentuate those outstanding features is bang on the money

Be natural
Let the guy pay, you know you wanna. Unless he’s been an insufferable bore and by paying your half that is your way of officially terminating the relationship, do not offer. If you genuinely want to buy the guy a drink or meal, the first date, when he’s trying to muster as much bravado as is within, is not the time or place to even mention another liaison.

He will try to be funny.
Although most men are only genuinely hilarious when they strip down to their underwear, they think they are all of the time. If it’s not absolutely too much, humour him on this one occasion, unless you reach the point where you feel like a donkey – you will automatically laugh, even when he’s trying to relate something tragic…

When will I see you again?
Do not mention round 2, even if it’s dropping hints on a film you wouldn’t mind seeing. First dates are carrot-danglers – the man being the ass, the carrot – well, we’ll leave you to work that out. Do not make yourself appear unnecessarily desperate or clingy or available – let him follow up.

Sex on a first date
All you need to know about men, sex and a first date is that: they will. If you want any intrigue to remain, don’t do it. For men, the challenge is over, job done, bring on player 2. It is that simple.

Arrive, date and leave with your purse and dignity in tact, even let him pay for the cab home if he offers. If you don’t make an effort or avail yourself too readily, there will be no second date. Men are really that simple.

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