Tech-savvy seniors get the best from online dating

The young generation could learn a thing or two from the ‘baby-boomers’ about online dating. If internet-dating sites want to work their way to the top through recommendation of success, then targeting the senior market would seem the most likely route to accomplish it.

Senior dating is the growth area when it comes to the industry sector as a whole; as it’s all pretty much on the up-and-up, that’s some achievement. To qualify for this category, you have to be aged 55+. Once upon a time, the cheeky young upstarts would class anyone above the age of forty as technophobic.

But, as the internet has become such a major player in our lives over the last 15 years, those forty-somethings who were there at the dawn of the first internet giants, such as Google, friends reunited and MySpace have the internet in their blood as they look towards making the most of retirement.

Given the meteoric rise of dating sites in the last three years as their popularity has grown alongside twitter, facebook and yahoo personals, it is perhaps no wonder that seniors should turn to dating sites to fill their time as they find more of it on their hands.

Where the seniors, and the next biggest growth group, 45-54 year olds, have the advantage is that they have probably already been in one or two long-term relationships before they hit the cyber dating world. When they have to choose the ‘what you would like to see in your search results‘ categories, they can be oh-so specific. They have compromised, they do know what they like and what they are prepared to surrender to make a relationship work – when they find it anew, they pounce.

no hanging about for one senior couple, stateside

There is no greater example of this than a recently documented case from across The Pond, of Andy and Linda, both seniors who met online. Tentatively, it has to be said, at first, but then didn’t hold back after they left online behind and hooked up in real life in a particularly moving tale.

Andy’s wife of 40 years had died of cancer and, following a suitable period of grieving, took to the net to socialise as much as anything else. Given the length of time he’d been married, the awkwardness of dating again meant he “didn’t want to meet somebody in a bar”.

Linda, who expressed that it was “…a hard time for a woman to find somebody,” started e-mailing Andy after she joined the same dating site, not long afterwards. They soon met up in person, that was July 2010. Instinctively knowing it was right, Andy proposed a month and a day after that initial meeting.

It then got hard for Linda, knowing that Andy had lost his first wife to cancer, as she was diagnosed with breast cancer just days after Andy’s beautiful proposal. Linda couldn’t face putting Andy through that turmoil again, but the resilient senior would hear nothing of taking an easy way out and her husband-to-be walked with her every step of the way through surgery and treatment; come September 2010, they were Mr and Mrs Andy Davik and are as happy today as when they first got together.

So, if you think dating sites are only for the young, think again; they come highly recommended from a couple who know best and wasted little time in proving their viability for members of all ages; good luck to the pair of you, we say.

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