No Pope for newlyweds

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Logged on to our dating sites, found tons of e-mails or private messages to open, casually checking the gravatar that helps you decide whether you like the look of the sender in the pop-up, only to find a toothy skin ‘ead staring back at you.

You don’t care that they claim to have once had a number one hit with a Prince song; when that dating profile catalogues three previous failed marriages, which has borne four children, and pops up next to a bare-shouldered, tattooed-arms snapshot, you’re reaching for the mouse to instinctively click the ‘delete’ button. You are hovering though, because that close-shaved scalp does have a sensational pair of eyes set beneath, but then you pan down to see another tattoo, as equally as morose as those on the arms, a depiction of Jesus embedded in the dating site hopeful’s chest. You can almost feel the index finger being drawn to the left click to send the request to date offline to the trash.

From that dark, sorrowful tattoo your eyes are instinctively drawn further down the dating site profile picture – your mind has already dismissed this possible candidate and is hoping against hope that the next e-mail is from someone a little less gruesome. So what your peepers take in next, from the very edge of peripheral vision, your brain cannot quite compute. In the panic of meltdown, you realise that this thrice-married dating site member who has deigned to approach you, with haircut cropped to the cranium, skin indecently incarcerated in ink…
…has a pair of female breasts! Nothing compares to this, you whisper under your breath. That’s when realisation dawns – Skin ‘ead O’Connor is asking you on a date. Aargh!

whisked away to white chapel

Well, for 38-year-old Barry Herridge, the history, the tats and the legendary hairstyle only encouraged him to reply to the Irish pop star’s dating site profile after she announced on her blog that she had become ‘sex-starved’.

Barry, who works in Ireland’s capital, Dublin, as an addiction therapist sent Sinead a ‘wonderful’ e-mail that not only changed her mind about marrying for a fourth time but managed to accomplish the feat within three months of meeting the Number One songstress.

The swift ceremony, held at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Nevada, was attended by only the bride, groom and a cameraman; in a two fingered salute to over-publicised weddings, the snapshot of the empty chapel bore the caption ‘celebrity guests at our wedding‘. Certainly not Okay, there, then.

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