A date a place no time two

part one

How long do you reckon to skim through one dating site profile? Five minutes to do it justice and at least pay homage to the time spent by a dating site peer trying to scream across the white noise created by millions of other singles desperately seeking their soul mate, wherever they may be in the global date-most-fear?

Allowing 16 hours per day if you did nothing but scour online dating sites other than nourish for one hour and sleep for seven, the maximum dating profiles you could get through is 192 – call it 200 for round figures. On just this one dating site, Badoo, you would only be capturing 0.014% of its daily new membership.

According to another report I read recently (it was part of a sales campaign so I didn’t really give it much credence until I started looking into these other figures) but there are one million new internet users every single day of the week. We’re not talking about existing web-savvy explorers – we mean newbies discovering cyberspace for the virgin flight into the technological unknown.

The figure astounded me at first; my initial reaction was: how is that possible?
Then I looked into world population statistics, current registered internet users and trends in recent growth of the world wide web.

The total world population now 7bn people, of which 2bn are already internet-registered, that leaves 5,000,000,000 people not yet online, theoretically.

If you write off ten percent as intellectually incapable, either to old or too young, that leaves approximately 4,500,000,000 yet to log on to the net. Even at 1M per day, it would take 4,500 days, or just over twelve years, to accomplish the feat of everyone in the world being online. By which time, those born at the start of that cycle will be ready to launch a generation of their own fledging cyberspace fleet.

Now, here’s the point that truly justifies how Miss $120,000 meal ticket may never need pay for a lunch again, if flitting between dating sites is her wont. The Pew Research Centre has ascertained that 10% of all internet users have tried out online dating. That would certainly explain why the pasttime has lost its stigma in recent months. If you assume the user profile split is 50/50 male/female, that gives Miss $120,000 a whopping 100,000,000 men to go for ‘online now’, let alone factoring those who will hit a landing page for the first time in generations to come.

That’s some target audience – a market place that will never run short and, in densely populated areas, you can understand how she’s managing to flit from cafe to bar to restaurant every single night with a new beau on her arm, the hand of which never quite reaches to the clasp of her own purse.

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