Online passport allows us to verify trusted faces

For weeks we have been vociferous about mobile applications, such as the app, which verifies members’ online dating profiles against government records; but, up until now, such confirmation has only been available in certain states in the US. It has been hoped that dating sites follow example of their less static counterparts by incorporating this technique in their own web pages.

Now, a similar option has availed itself to UK dating sites, with the launch of Trusted Faces, which is heading up its marketing campaign with the slogan ‘Online people you can trust’. I can almost hear the millions of UK dating site members cheering a hearty ‘About time!’, right now.

how the online passport works

The new ‘online passport’ will not only benefit dating and matchmaking sites the length and breadth of the UK; it’s further attraction reaches out to online business entrepreneurs, backing up financial and account activity without the hassle of verifying identity through third parties that customers are who they say they are.

Using secure centric online technology verified with a face-to-face UK Post Office® check, each registered user gets their unique online certificate number. This can then be verified on the Trusted Faces site – the photo on the dating site profile should match the online passport photo which you check via a ‘ticket’ which your online dating site member will issue you with.

As well as the photographs matching, the passport also includes contact information, such as e-mail address, e-bay registered user information and profiles such as facebook and twitter.

Once an individual has created their profile, they have the option to add it to Trusted Faces Who’s Who Directory where you can verify those e-mail addresses, e-bay stores, etc., to confirm that they are owned by the passport-holder, as they claim.

how will this help online dating members?

Alongside the many business uses for online passport verification, this can only push dating sites credibility even higher. The last barricade to many potential singles, who have previously foregone the opportunity to search for love online due to security issues can potentially now be eliminated, opening the floodgates for many more users to join the growing phenomenon that is online dating.

The benefits for dating site users are instant. If a member wishes to search for partners only by those who are verified, a safe area can be created to facilitate that requirement. If ever dating sites needed to create membership to attract more users, this has to be the way forward; even those using assumed names can now verify themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Online passport allows us to verify trusted faces

    • One day, John, all dating sites will have this facility as standard.
      However, as it is independent and you can complete your registration at any post office, there is no reason you could not ask another UK dater – if you are genuinely interested in them – to reciprocate. You can then swap ‘tickets’ to allow each-other a one-time only access to check that you are both indeed who you say you are.
      If they’re not prepared to do that they are obviously not as keen as you, so just walk away.
      Good luck, whichever way you choose. Drop by again, if you have news, squire – would be interested to know how practically it works in a real, rather than theoretical, dating scenario.
      All the best,

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