Lunch-time dates – where and how

It’s your first lunch-time date and you haven’t got a clue how to go about it?

Where do you go? What have you got to wear (if you have the option and aren’t confined to the uniform attached to your post)?

If you have any luck, you’ll have a few days to plan; what with arranging corresponding lunch-times and given the propensity for delays in communication with prospective partners logging on and off from their dating sites, it should buy you a few days to perform a couple of dry runs with discreet friends. Use this time wisely to check your options to optimise your time when the date rolls around.

If you’re a little unsure about your date, as in the person you intend to meet, and would like feedback from your office buddies (assuming that your date does not already know them) find a location where your colleagues can be discreetly positioned to keep an eye on proceedings and provide marks out of ten as you stroll back to the office together once the date is over.

You may have an establishment you already use in mind – this has its fors and againsts.

where everybody knows your name

If you choose a bar where you’re known to the staff and your date happens to be in situ when you arrive, what will they think when the barmaid starts pulling your pint of Stella before the door has closed behind you? This may lead to the impression that you frequent the bar on more than an ‘every now and then’ basis; whether you do or don’t, it may not be the impact you’re looking stamp upon a potential long-term partner.

The upside is familiarity. If you have reservations about your date, you can fall back on the comfort factor, knowing that there will at least be acquaintances in close proximity, should you need them.

A coffee bar is always a good place to meet for a lunch-time date. As well as alcohol usually not being an option, they’re very conducive to a conversational atmosphere. The only problem with this type of establishment is that you can never gauge how busy they’re going to be regarding seating and table space or how long you’re going to have to queue, bearing in mind you have to get back to the office. And getting a blob of chocolate-dusted cream on the end of your nose.

The other option for an informal lunch-time date is to meet up straight after work. This opens up a whole new set of options, but sticks to the genre of a relaxed liaison. More on that in the next article, meeting your online dating partner after work.

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