Getting the hang off dating

In order for the human race to carry on as a species, our young adults must start to learn how to date sooner or later, otherwise they’ll be hanging around until the Grim Reaper is finally made unemployed.

So, it’s time to scrap the app, waste your wi-fi and get down to some serious one-on-one, back-to-basics good old fashioned lovin’!

For all of you guys and girls who don’t remember Sergio Tachinni from the first time around, this is how we used to do it, when Frankie was saying Relax, and chillax was twenty years away (too soon).

The female half of the prospective partnership would never ask the guy out. It was just not the accepted thing to do. At the risk of sounding desperate, a young lady may ask one of her closest friends to do it, if they were sick of waiting and had a big enough crush, but many a love’s young dream died in a pair of patiently clasped hands sitting in the lap of a puff-ball skirt, because asking out was a ‘man-thing’.

And on the subject of asking, the only thought of ‘poking’ a potential date was way, way down the line, certainly not something you would consider in advance. A guy and a girl were considered ‘an item’ when the man took the bull by the horns and strode up to the target and asked her our, direct. The tactic either worked, or it didn’t; no waiting around for the object of your desire to log onto their dating site or social media platform. You had your answer there and then. Or, the man sent the answer back with the go-between friend, who, in this analogy would be the e-mail or private message facility you would have in the dashboard of your online dating profile.

Some things have not changed. And this one, whatever social media or ways of matchmaking dating websites throw at us next, will always remain the same: don’t expect too much from your first date and you won’t be disappointed.

First dates should be all about getting to know your new partner. In our day, it was pretty much a blank canvas. For the Generation Y of today, it will getting to know what is not on their dating site profile or social media wall.

If you raise the bar too high first time around, you will not only make a fool of yourself if you don’t make the jump, but even if you do, to carry on in the same way is simply leading your partner down the path. Above all be yourself and keep it real.

So, here’s hoping for the title of grandparent, soon, when the kids of today can taking dating, as Michael would have said, ‘Off The Wall’.

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