Dating an alien concept to teens

Is it just me, or does my step-son (and his closest group of friends) simply not seem bothered about dating any more? Long-term, short-term, nothing on the horizon; on the subject of burgeoning relationships we get not even an ‘ugh!’ in response, as was his wont when questioned about young ladies when in his earlier teens.

If we talk about driving lessons, online gaming, his new apprenticeship, a couple of pints and a game of darts, he’ll talk your head off for hours. But ask him if he’s seeing anyone? Zip. If there were frustration, as if he was trying but not getting anywhere, fair enough – he’s a good-looking lad. But no, not even that. He just doesn’t want to know.

When I was 19 and The Charlatans, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Jesus Jones and The Wonderstuff ruled the clubs and we frequented Picasso’s & Club UK, Wolverhampton, Ruskin’s in Lichfield, Regimes in Hanley (Stoke), Hacienda, Manchester & The Palace in Blackpool…well, if you didn’t pull in those places, you may as well have signed up at the local Monastery on Monday morning and be done with it.

My point is: that was what the weekends were all about! The M6 totty-trail, with Jeff Young’s Big Beat on in the Nova 1.4 SR on the way to The Colosseum in Stafford to begin proceedings on Friday night, after a real heavy start to the weekend in Wolverhampton on Thursday!

And, yes – our weekends did start on Thursday – Friday at work was little more than an inconvenience, a stepping stone between nights of dancing, passion and expectant dates in every town we stopped at between the West Midlands and Lancashire.

So what has happened in those two decades, since the dawn of rave and the Ibiza sound to the Generation Y we have now who, when not gaming inter-continentally, ‘crushing’ or ‘tweeting’, are just ‘hanging’ with members of the opposite sex, instead of dating the cheeks off of each other?

At least, as we enter this status quo, the precursor ‘grand-‘ will not be abutting to our present titles of ‘mother’ and ‘father’ for a while a-piece.

Over the next couple of days, we’ll be looking at the reasons why the decline in teen-dating in the younger populous has been so dramatic and how much the effect of social media has had on today’s teenagers as the mystique of discovering boy- and girlfriends from years gone by has been dispersed on the four winds of time.

And how, as if by the casting of a global Patronus spell, the dementors that once shadowed the world of online dating have likewise been dispelled, enticing us all to potter around the corridors of dating sites, hog-warts and all.

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