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Incontrovertible evidence tells us that more and more singles on the UK dating scene are utilising the myriad services offered by online dating sites to attract new mates. This is all well and good for the stealth agent, who can deliberate for hours on end, tweaking the many aspects of their online dating profile, which they have spent countless hours researching on other dating websites and blogs offering tips, guides and how-to’s.

The nett result is a formidable online persona, apt to engage the attentions of any target they please and successfully convert their efforts to enhance their entire online experience, enjoying the thrill of the chase as much as the actual date itself.

However, a study by one online dating facility, Doingsomething.co.uk, has revealed results that suggest this is where the creativity ends; when it comes to the task of taking the date off-screen into the real, wide world mundanity becomes as predictable as whether it’s the man or woman who gets the sticky bit to lie on after years of marriage.

dates that are too PC just plod on

For those who achieved regular success in winning dates online, they reported that 20 times a year, the first date would follow the exact same routine, even down to the permissible amount of alcohol socially condoned as allowed for this type of liaison.

That’s three glasses – no more, no less – if you were wondering. All I’ll say about that is that it’s a good job I’m married, now – how politically incorrect would my bottle of Thunderbird whilst I was getting ready be, nowadays? That may, however, explain why I didn’t actually tie the knot until my mid-thirties, but I digress: the format.

As well as a half of bottle of wine, the first date almost always incorporates Italian food of some designation, and we’re not talking a take-away from Dominos. The occasion was almost always on a Thursday or Friday night (the theory being that young revellers do not want to spoil their other chances by ditching the regular Saturday night hang out with their buds), and the protocol to signify the end of the transaction was a polite peck on the cheek.

Guys – you need to spice it up, somewhat; this tried and tested method no longer does the trick, according to the poll results, as only one in four first dates executed in this fashion led to a second off-line encounter. Rather, 3 out of 4 were sent packing, back off to trawl the internet to find out what went wrong and deliberate for hours how tweaking their matchmaking site profile will help them get to second base, next time.

The clue is in the question. The survey reported a better success rate for ‘out of the ordinary’ dates, like a walk or cycle in the park, perhaps throwing the ducks a few crumbs or seeing their captivated cousins in local zoological gardens – 9 out of 10 surveyed who were treated thus went back for second helpings, when offered a little something different from the menu for the first course.

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