Love on the go so app-ening

It’s ‘appened to every one, at some point in time. You’ve arranged to meet up with someone, via a dating site or an e-mail in the office or by phone call (do people still ring for a date, these days?), and ‘something’s cropped up’ so they can’t make it.

Yep – you’ve been stood up. In the bar, dressed to the nines already, what do you do? All that anticipation, the extra time and effort you’ve put in to creating the right impression – gone to waste. Or is it?

Back in the day, long before iPhones, Androids and BlackBerry devices, if you saw that text, your night was only going one of two ways afterwards:

  1. think about the whys and wherefores of the cancellation at the bar until, after two hours of relating your problems to the uninterested bar staff, you get up to powder your nose and your legs collapse under the weight of the alcohol that you have consumed, or
  2. skulk off home, crack a few beers or bottle of wine, turn on the laptop and flame anyone who dares even contact you and send a rather impudent message across the dating site airways ready for your cancelling dater when next they log on

find instant love in the palm of your hand

However, that no longer need be the case if you’re one of the more ‘app-y-go-lucky type of person who can put the experience behind them, take the bull by the horns and go set about finding a new partner. And when and where better to start there and then?

If you have one of the afore-mentioned phones that has access to an App Store or market, you can now download apps that let you know of like-minded singles who could be in your neck of the woods at that moment.

Heck, they could even be in the same bar! Stranger things have happened.

Some of these apps are stand-alone downloads that work off their own platform and rely upon many people registering their information so that they can be contacted by anyone else who has the app and ‘app-ens to be within the vicinity.
Originally designed as a business device, it has not taken the online dating community long to ad-app-t this feature to work for finding love in the palm of your hand, either. If you’ve been stood up, it’s the only way to end the evening?

But many website-based dating agencies have seen the opportunity as a route to this relatively new market. Combine the ‘instant success’ of dating apps that allow you to hook up with singles in your area with the current boom in dating site numbers and, Hey Presto!, the business aspect of these apps is well and truly ticked job done, without even breaking sweat.

Tap the app to tap into that potential that just app-ens to be on your doorstep!

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